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Andres Aguiar's Weblog
Just My Code
aaguiar   CumUY Meeting / April 26th  369  466 
Andreas S.T. Brunvoll - WebLog
...thoughts on architecture and sailing...
abrunvol   Leaving Microsoft 
Alex Campbell's Technology Weblog
alexcampbell   Very impressed with the user experience at Tumblr 
ilcangiano   (Lean) Six Sigma applied to Software? 
Alex Chang's WebLog
AChang   FREE XDN Professional for .NET Bloggers during May 2004  301 
The Technical Adventures of Adam Weigert
adweigert   I <3 PowerShell  25  34 
Andrew Filev
Yet Another .NET Blog
andrew@dotsitesoftware.com   Perforce  469 
Alex Hoffman
Perspective on development, management and technology
Alex Hoffman   Quote of the Week  95  105 
Ajay Juneja
Dialogue makes communication work
ajayjuneja   Steve Ballmer gave a wonderful, timely revelant speech about the economic situation to the U.S. House of Representatives today...  79  623 
Adam Kinney on .NET
Hunting Godzilla in .NET...
AdamKinney   Visual Studio .NET Tips and Tricks Book  62  455 
Andrew Krowczyk's Blog
All the things you want to know about .NET, and some you don't...
krowczyk   Moving my blog... 
AlexLowe's WebLog
Alex Lowe, GetBen   Morpheus is alive 
Alex Papadimoulis' .NET Blog
Alex's musings about .NET and other Microsoft technologies
Alex Papadimoulis   ScriptOnly - The Opposite of a NOSCRIPT  65  438 
Andreas Eide's Blog
Andreas Eide   Microsoft announces Office Video  17  17 
Andru's WebLog
//Comments about technology and software architecture
andresv   Asynchronous Streaming in ASP.NET WebApi  93  66 
Andrew Stevenson's WebLog
Write Here Write Now
AndrewSeven   I picked up an OCZ NIA nerve and brain wave controller  67  43  134 
Anjana's Arena
My Passion, My Potential...
AnjanaRam   Being Blued..., a new journey to begin...  97  128 
Anthony Alvarado's WebLog
Visual Developer MVP
Costa Rica
news | tech | dev and more...
anthonyar   MVP Summit 2007 Photos 
Life is Short; Play XBOX; Technology is fast; Learn Web Services!!!
ArunGanesh   List of Reviews for my Book ".NET Security and Cryptography" 
Ashutosh Nilkanth's .NET Blog
"Source Code is Free Speech"
ashben   Blog has moved  103  117 
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