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No Mondays today due to family issues
The Mondays crew is taking a haitus for a while due to family issues. We'll be back soon for show #50 where we will explain everything. In the meantime please enjoy the samples and of course all of the archived shows.

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Hey Rockheads! Let's all help Scott Hanselman in his fight against Diabetes
You know my friend Scott Hanselman from his incredible blog, his new podcast Hanselminutes, and of course as a frequent guest on .NET Rocks!

Please read this important post from Scott. You'll be glad you did.

dnrTV #10 - Jean Paul Boodhoo on Test Driven Development Part 1 of 2
Jean Paul Boodhoo on Test Driven Development Part 1 of 2

Jean Paul Boodhoo gets real with TDD in this the first ofa two-part series on TDD. Instead of showing simple brain-dead samples, JP uses a Model-View-Presenter solution to populate a drop-down listbox on a web page. This is a really great way to get into the discipline of TDD.
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Hanselminutes #10 - Func Testing Roundup
<Functional Testing Tools Roundup/>
Scott talks about his experience with functional testing tools including our sponsor, TestComplete by AutomatedQA.

This week on .NET Rocks! - Security Update with Patrick Hynds

Security Update with Patrick Hynds

Pat Hynds checks in with us to talk ASP.NET security sharing his latest insights and telling stories from the field. As always, Pat brings his post-GI point of view to the conversation, which is always enjoyable.

This week on Mondays - The Effin Show!

The Effin Show

Carl pleads that the crew refrain from using the F-word to avoid going broke on editing costs. Mark is in The Netherlands suffering from terminal reverberation, Karen lays down the smack on her so-called friends, Carl learns the importance of being PC the hard way, and Richard resurfaces with some killer USB toys.

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This week on dnrTV - Venkat is Back with Generics!
Venkat is Back with Generics!

Venkat Subramaniam is back to talk about Generics. This may be the first Generics demo you've seen that does not use collections (we're proud of that). Of course, Venkat brings his inquisitive style to the topic. You're sure to enjoy it!
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This week on Hanselminutes - Debugging!
Debugging ASP.NET

Debugging by coincidence, Debugging Tools, Ruby CLR, SysInternals Tools, Fusion, YATT, and more and more and more.
This week on .NET Rocks! - Joe Duffy on Concurrency

Joe Duffy on Concurrency

Carl and Richard have an engaging conversation with Joe Duffy from the CLR team on dealing with concurrency in multi-threaded applications. Buy his books! This is great stuff!

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