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Die thinktecture Gespräche - Email-Konversationen für Sie festgehalten

Wir haben einen neuen, selbstverständlich kostenlosen, Service für unsere deutschsprachigen Leser. Einmal etwas anders über technische Themen „reden“…

Die thinktecture-Gespräche
Wir planen, in loser Folge immer wieder von uns verfasste "Gespräche" - entstanden aus Email-Dialogen - zu gewissen Technologiethemen zu veröffentlichen. Gerne erwarten wir Ihr Feedback und Ihre Meinung!

Das erste tt-Gespräch ist nun verfügbar:

·        Indigo/Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) - Christian Weyer und Ralf Westphal

Posted: Aug 16 2005, 10:58 PM by CWeyer
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JAOO 2005: A new experience

This year I will be speaking at the famous JAOO conference in Aarhus, Denmark. A number of friends of mine like Beat and Ted will also be there.
I think this traditionally not-too-.NET-centric event will have a big impact on how at least I see .NET in comparison to the ‚rest of the world’. Really looking forward.

It is always good to think outside the box…

Posted: Aug 16 2005, 08:13 AM by CWeyer
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Distributed Technologies Performance considerations and comparisons

Finally here: thinktecture’s Ingo Rammer and Richard Turner from Mcirosoft have published articles on performance comparisons of distributed application technologies

Performance of ASP.NET Web Services, Enterprise Services, and .NET Remoting

System.Messaging Performance

thinktecture Forums

We now have a forums site for discussion our tools like WSCF. Please go there to report any issues, bugs or to make suggestions for new versions.
Thanks for all your support! To fight spam all interested users are required to register. Thanks.


Posted: Aug 12 2005, 03:43 AM by CWeyer
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Go and grab it!

Please: everybody using WSCF 0.5 – go and download this new version 0.51. We have had some severe problems during QA for 0.5. So a lot of important bug fixes made it into 0.51.

Thanks for using WSCF and for giving important feedback to further improve it.

Any questions, rants, bugs and the like should from now on be reported in our thinktecture Forums.

jWSCF 0.1

I am pleased to offer you our WSCF WSDL Wizard plugin for the Eclipse Java IDE: jWSCF.

This plugin is embedded into Eclipse and enables modelling and designing your Web Services interface contract without having to reveal to know all nittry-gritty - and honestly: unnecessary - details of WSDL 1.1. It uses our very successful WSCF, namely the WSDL Wizard component.


  • Just unzip the ZIP file and drop the contained folder into your Eclipse plugin default folder (e.g. c:\Program Files\Eclipse\plugins\).
  • Double-click the setup.bat file. This will register the necessary COM shim component.
  • To verify COM registration you may want to execute the two VBS files you can find in the folder. Make sure to adjust the path to the plugin which used in the .vbs files.


  • .NET Framework 1.1
  • Eclipse 3.1

How to use it:

  • Import any XSD files that you want to use in your Web Service's interface description into a Eclipse project.
  • Right-click on the XSD which has your message structures defined.
  • Select 'WSCF' - 'Create WSDL...' from the context menu.
  • Use the wizard to fill in all necessary metadata in order to create your WSDL file at the end of the wizard process.
  • The newly generated WSDL file should now be incorporated into your Eclipse project.


  • Right-click on any WSDL file.
  • Select 'WSCF' - 'Edit WSDL...' from the context menu.
  • Use the roundtripping wizard to change your Web Service description.


  • There is no code generation support from WSCF. This can be achieved based on several available Eclipse plugins.
  • Although there is a checkbox in the wizard to launch code generation after the wizard has finished, this is not functionable in the Java version
Please report any issues and thoughts for improvements :)

Download jWSCF 0.1

Software Factories & Services

Can anybody guess or does anybody have a feeling out there what services and service-orineted development has to do with software factories?
I am keen on your answers!

Java folks wake up: WSO2

Via Savas, good news from Java land:

We are creating an uncompromising middleware platform for Web services which treats Web services as first class components instead of as a facade to some existing platform like J2EE. Apache Axis2 is the first SOAP stack which espouses this design in its guts: we focus entirely on doing what's right for Web services first. We make no apologies for being XML centric instead of Java object centric. An add-on layer allows Axis2 to play by the, sometimes klunky, Java rules and regulations (like JAX-RPC) for those who want the comfort of (and are willing to pay the price of) those rules & regulations.

“Indigo” is now called the Windows Communication Foundation

Nuff said. WCF… :;)

Posted: Jul 27 2005, 08:03 PM by CWeyer | with 5 comment(s)
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jWSCF: Web Services Interface Design for Java and the Eclipse IDE

We keep getting requests to finally enable WSCF for VS 2005. Yep, we are working on that. First we are testing 0.51 to death so that we can release it soon. Then we will do the 0.6 release which will just have the VS2005 support in it with all the existing features.

Recently I kept receiving inquiries whether there is any way to use the WSCF WSDL Wizard inside of a Java environment. Hmm, interesting challenge. After some investigations I took some free minutes to write up a plugin for Eclipse – the definitive no.1 IDE in the Java world. We call it jWSCF.
Please note that this code is just for prototyping is is far from being production ready!

Here is how to use it. No comments, just screenshots – should be self-explanatory :)

… now do the usual and well-known steps to create your Web Service Description


Voila: now you have your WSDL inside your project and can start generating code from it.
I will blog about the different options of code generation inside Eclipse another time.
We will provide the download for the plugin once it has been tested by other persons than me and Buddhike :)

Lemme know your thoughts and feedback. Thanks!

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