Eric Maino


  • Day 1 - Microsoft NEO

    Well today was my first day as a Microsoft employee and overall it went pretty well. The day was full of power point presentations explaining the handbook you recived in the morning. I think Tim did a great job trying to get people involved and talking thoughout the day. I will write a bit more about my experience as it gets more exciting :-)

  • Multilple Blog NewsGator Plugin

    On Tuesday I decided I would try NewsGator again as my blog reader. I was noticing that I already spend most of my time in Outlook during the day so why not read my feeds in there too. I tried NewsGator really early on, but decided that it just wasn’t for me at the time. This time was different. I have fell in love with NewsGator and it has been making my blog reading much easier over the past two days.

  • Hockey Moments...

    A friend just showed this to me and all I have to say is wow! I have seen quite a few hockey videos, hot shots, etc.. This one is deffinetly at the top:

  • Local Bands In Michigan

    A friend of mine just launched a site that helps discover new and upcoming bands in Michigan. If you get a chance and are looking for local bands in or around the area check out Blow The Gaff.

  • Becoming the C# Blogger

    While I haven't sat down with my PM yet to discuss my goals over the next year or so at Microsoft, one of my own personal goals over the 12 months is to become known as the C# Blog or C# Blogger (or at least one of the top 10). I am currently in a very unique position as a C# MVP moving to the C# team, I know what community is all about and I also know what MVPs and others are looking for from us internally.

  • It was a tough decision...

    This morning I finally made the decision on whether or not I would accept the offer from Microsoft. Catie and I talked about this for a long time, we discussed the pros and con and really both areas are great but it came down to a few little things.We just wanted to be sure that we were making the right decision for the both of us and not one just one of us. The trip out to this area was great for Catie she really loves the area and was happy to get to meet with some of the people I may have been working with, overall she had a great time but part of her was still really sad about making this move... anyhow after we talked about it she agreed Redmond would be the best place. I have accepted the offer and will be moving to the area shortly after I graduate. :-D