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Visual Studio ALM Ranger Solutions Catalog

You can find a lot of resources from the ALM Rangers team here:

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ASP.NET MVC 2 Training
ASP.NET MVC 2 Training
TechEd 2007 in Orlando, I'll be there!

Ok, Ok i know that i am not a frequent blogger here, that's what i would like to do, but time is the enemy of many of us. So if you understand spanish, i'd like to invite you to visit my spanish blog.

I am sad and happy at the same time, the reason?

Sad :( because i won't be in the MVP Summit next week in Seattle, i've attended the last 4 or 5 MVP Summits so this year i decided to save money this time (the Airline tickets was so expensive here in Peru).

Happy :) because i got a great discount to the TechEd 2007, as part as the benefits of being an MVP, more yet, i am applying to be a MCT Ambassador, there are only few slots to foreign MCTs but it's worth it. Anyway i will be in TechEd 2007, can't wait to visit Orlando too!

Next week i'll work in deployment of Team Foundation Server i a know company of Peru, the same week i will visit a not less know peruvian company also trying to convince them why Team Foundation Server is more than a source control tool (they are comparing it with Harvest), now i am preparing for the deployment and the presentation.



Confirmed as a TechEd 2006 Attendee :)

I have just confirmed my registration to the TechEd 2006 event in Boston, i would be glad to comment about  the new things i suppose going to hear there. I also expect to participate in MCT Sessions and MVP Parties :)

See you soon,



Plans for next year

Hi There!!

I am still alive! :)

Well, it's been a long time since my last post, I hope to write continuously next year. My initial plan is to focus on three areas:

1.- VSTO 2.0  from a point of view of Architecture, in my company (3Dev) we focus on Patterns, Frameworks and Tools for ASP.NET and WinForms, but I haven’t seen many initiatives oriented to Office System in this area, if you know some, please tell me. What I consider interesting is the SmartDoc Framework version 2.0 ( I was talking with the author (mszCool) and I will try to evaluate and take some ideas of that framework in order to define a better architecture for Office Systems applications. Another idea is to take advantage of the new features of SQL Server 2005 as the XML Type, Typed XML and new features in OpenXML and For XML, to consume XML data efficiently and simplified from Office Applications.

2.- VSTS, since I attended the ascend training course of Visual Studio Team System in Redmond last May, I told myself “This is the Tool!” I have no doubt of the power and success of Visual Studio Team System and I am dedicating my efforts with a couple of collaborators (thanks to them) in producing some Training Materials in Spanish in order to promote an apply this tool all next year 2006.

3.- WinFX, this is so interesting, I think I will not have much free time, but I will do my best to test some features of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) specially XAML, Windows Communications Foundation (WCF) and Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF), and will try to produce some materials I hope so J

If you are interested on this topics, have time and want to learn together, feel free to contact me.






A new CSharp users group

Hi there,

Waiting for tomorrow that is a holiday here in Peru, unfortunately i am finishing a project so i have to continue working :-(

I have just started a new User Group that is specialized in the C# Language (oh Anders please help me! )

If you are interested in this User Group, the address is:

The language is spanish that is my native language, i still don't understand why i am writing in english :-)



Starting a new and different Project

Hi, me again :)

This week, while i am still finishing a software project, i am starting a new one, but it is a different kind of project, it is not about making software, it is about making training courses! :)

I feel like Microsoft guys making MOC courses. We are trying to use Microsoft Solutions Framework as a guidance for this new project. The main idea is to deliver training to developers that are going to work as Architects in .NET.

So, i would like to hear you opinions, the question is: What do you understand for ."NET Architect"? Which are the skills? What type of training do you consider to be necessary to get those skills?

Thanks for help us,



Awarded as Microsoft MVP again :)

Hi there,

New award, New responsabilities. I am glad to continue in the MVP program for 2004-2005, and promise to continue working hard to helping people to get the best of Microsoft .NET Technologies.



Guino Henostroza

Microsoft MVP C#


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