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  • Chicago geek dinner 11/22

    When: Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006
    Where: Rock Bottom @ State & Grand
    When: 6PM

    Last day to get out before the entire Midwest descends on our fair city for the holiday shopping season.

    Bear down!

  • Sometimes, it's the small things..

    I'm a Firefox guy. The only reason I use it instead of IE is that it feels faster. Seriously.

    I find it incredibly annoying that the only websites I frequent that require IE are those run by Microsoft. I've nothing against IE (I've never had the malware problems), but these websites disrupt whatever I'm doing. Most times I'll just avoid the site. A good example is the MSN Video portion of MSN. Occasionally I'll click a link leading to a video, at which point I'm told that I can't watch it in anything but IE. This is odd since 1/2 of the emails I get link to funny videos on websites that do let me watch them in my browser of choice. Instead of launching IE and watching the (advertiser-supported) MSN Videos I simply move on. I've got too much stuff to do to be inconvenienced by this.

    Which is why I was pleasantly surprised by the following error message. The site doesn't support Firefox -- but they're working on correcting it. It's a problem, and they're fixing it. Bravo!

  • The Dick Button drinking game

    I've had the Olympics on every day since Arrested Development went off the air, and I've found that the most consistently entertaining aspect has been the commentary of Mr. Dick Button.

    I don't know much about the guy, other than he skated in the 40s and 50s (not his 40s and 50s). One thing I do know is that he is not easily pleased. He doesn't like the scoring system, the skaters are uninspiring, their choice of music is dull and so on.

    A quick bit of research led me to the Dick Button Drinking Game. If you're going to catch any figure skating, do yourself a favor and grab some friends and a keg of beer. You'll need it.

  • Nothing says "holidays" like beer and raffles

    Won't you join us for some holiday cheer?

    Place: Rock Bottom @ State & Grand in Chicago
    Time: 6PM

    Please note that this is next Thursday, December 15.

    I'll be giving away another JetBrains .NET Action Pack, consisting of ReSharper and dotTrace licenses (one each).

    Happy Holidays!