Tanzim Saqib - Microsoft MVP, ASP.NET

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  • Moving to new blog

    I have been deciding for a while to build my new home to get rid of the http://weblogs.asp.net/TanzimSaqib blog that I had. The major motivations for moving away from weblogs.asp.net was the annoying advertisements and the inflexibility of the blogging platform as far as the permissions given to a normal user. With my new blog, I have full control over as to what appears and what not as well as a lot more space to utilize: http://TanzimSaqib.com/blog.

  • Incarnate Social Avatars

    Every day we come across millions of blogs and social networking websites. Whenever we’d like to make a conversation, we comment or reply to the thread. If we do that as an anonymous user, we probably have to be happy with the default avatars like the one you can see on the screen right now. I am sure not all of us are the biggest fans of these avatars. Even if we register, our avatars might be one of these, until we upload one. We visit so many social networking websites that uploading your own avatar again and again is sometimes very annoying. Slide1

  • Launching CodeTV

    CodeTV is a video podcast for the developers who work with Microsoft tools and technology. Most podcasts are focused on advanced usage of Microsoft tools and technology, therefore a large community who are in beginner/intermediate levels do not find anything for themselves. Unlike those, in CodeTV there will be something for everyone. No matter if you are beginner, intermediate or advanced level developer, you will always find something interesting in our tiny clips. The clips are very short, quick and precise. You may want to rewind a few times if something seems difficult to grasp for the first time. The clips are are short because they are meant make you feel more interested about the topic which is being delivered. Starting with a very brief introduction to Windows Azure, many videos are being produced and will be added shortly.

  • Parallelizing Windows Applications in .NET 4.0

    Task Parallel Library gives you the convenience to turn existing sequential code into parallel branches, which may result into significant performance boost since all the available processors are being utilized. Although ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem is still there and can serve you the same as before, TPL is a more organized library which has richer APIs that support waiting, continuations, better exception handling, and so on. It is available at System.Threading.Tasks namespace. I have just written this article which tells you how you can start doing it: "Parallelizing Windows Applications in .NET 4.0".

  • 10 Firefox addons Web Developers and QA cannot live without

    This post was long overdue. I always wanted to thank the guys who put extraordinary effort and passion for making our lives easier everyday, without requiring anything at all in return. Here’s a list of 10 Firefox addons I cannot live without. I would like to thank the developers, testers and whoever is behind these free tools. You have done a really good job and literally managed to change our lives.