Object Relational Mapping BOF

When you have a booth in a MS conference, you get 3 'Exhibitor Staff' badges and one 'Attendee' badge. I usually get the Attendee one, but as this time we wanted to be present in most conferences, and I needed to be in the booth when the Exhibit Hall was opened, someone else from the DeKlarit team got the Attendee badge.

I was able to attend to all the BOFs with my purple badge, but when it was the turn of the O/R mapping BOF, the guy in the door did not let me in. He was probably right, but it was really a shame, as Scott, who was hosting the BOF, asked at the beginning if there was someone from DeKlarit and it would have been great to be there.

So, I went to the Smart Client BOF, and at the end I waited for Scott and invited him to go to the DeKlarit booth on Wednesday to exchange ideas. We had a good conversation, he is a very open guy, and I tried to explain him why DeKlarit is not an O/R mapper as it tries to build the Business Logic layer, not the Data Access Layer (and you usually use a O/R mapper inside the Business Logic Layer). I'm don't think I fully convinced him on the DeKlarit approach, but I think he got intrigued enough to give it a try.

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