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  • Oslo and the Entity Framework

    Doug Purdy announced that the Oslo and the Data Programmability team were merged.

    Since I first heard of the Entity Framework, it was pretty clear to me that it was designed to be the 'Model' of the .NET Framework. Even if there were some disagreements over the EF programming model or their designers, the 'modeling' part of the story looked pretty well (even if I can still not map some fairly common scenarios (1)).

    If Oslo wanted to drive ´Model-Driven Development' in the .NET platform, and if they took a very 'data-driven' approach, it made sense that they used the EF as their model.

    It looks that in addition of fluent interfaces for the EF, we´ll have a way to define an EF model in M, which would be much better than the current XMLs. We´ll need to wait until PDC to find out.

    As a side note, Oslo looks to be very far from it's shipping date.


  • Oslo

    I was going to write a large post on Oslo, until I found this one. I still did not play enough with it yet to add value to what Fowler said.


  • Clouds

    Amazon Cloud offering provides, in beta, a Windows VM and a way to run SQL Server.

    The Microsoft Cloud preview basically provides a way to run ASP.NET, what it looks to be Windows Workflow activities, WCF services, and use SQL Data Services.

    Microsoft's looks more ambitious, and their architecture is probably more sophisticated and complex and than Amazon's.

    However, it looks to be solving the complex problems before solving the simple ones. If I use Azure, I'll need to write my application in a way that can be run in that platform. If I use Amazon's, I can write it in the same way I always did (and of course, I can run all the code I already have).

    I'm disappointed that Microsoft does not provide the same services as Amazon. I'm not saying they should not provide an Azure-like platform, but I think they should also provide Windows VMs and SQL Servers.

    Actually, I could live without a Windows VM, but not having SQL Server implies a rewrite and I don't think SQL DataServices is the answer to every DB need.

    Not everyone is building Facebook. Most of us don't need that level of scalability. But we could use an on-demand platform that provides scalable hosting, and could take advantage of the number of value-added services that can be built on top of that.

    So, please, Microsoft, give us SQL Server.

    PS: The identity federation stuff in Azure looks very cool.


  • UI for MSBuild builds

    Gaston just published the tool he wrote for running MSBuild scripts. We've been using it internally and we can't live without it.Give it a try!