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  • Don Box and Data

    6 years ago I was in a WebServices DevCon in Boston and Don Box did a presentation about data, where he started playing with SQL and doing things like 'insert into people select * from products'. As People/Products had the same schema (Id/Name), it worked fine (I'm not sure if that was the actual example, but it was something like that). The object-oriented-strongly-typed heads in the audience were nodding saying that he was doing something 'bad'.

  • Describing Intentions

    Everyone in Microsoft is talking about writing declaratively and letting the user express the intention and not the steps required to perform the task.

  • Models and Oslo

    Oslo was the most interesting technology I've seen at the PDC by far, and the Quadrant session was really amazing. If you did not see it yet, go and watch it. They had Quadrant run in the Microsoft Surface in the Expo area, and being able to explore a model using Surface is very powerful.

  • Oslo

    I was going to write a large post on Oslo, until I found this one. I still did not play enough with it yet to add value to what Fowler said.

  • PDC Day 2 - A much better Keynote

    The first genuine, spontaneous, unanimous round of applause after a Keynote demo happened today when they shown the Live Mesh stuff. Two 'friends' were looking at the same picture, one edited it, and it was immediately changed in the other one's machine.

  • C# 4.0

    I was in Anders Helsberg the Future of C# presentation (actually, in the overflow room).