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November 2007 - Posts

  • WIPP (Windows IIS PostgreSQL PHP)

    Here's a fun one for all you LAMP fans out there.  I have inherited a PHP/PostgreSQL based website from another company.  Scenario:

    • UBuntu Linux 7.02
    • PHP 5
    • PostgreSQL 8.2
    • Apache 2.2

    Beautiful setup, works great.  Problem.  I need PHP 4.4 for this project.  I figured, no problem, just revert to PHP 4.4. No go. UBuntu doesn't do PHP 4.X anymore and PHP 5 breaks the code.  I figured I would download and compile PHP 4.4.  Stonewalled again.  Apache 2.2 is not supported by PHP 4.X (or posssibly more accurately, Apache doesn't support PHP 4.X?)  So now I have to revert the webserver.  I realized that this was getting a little crazy.  Since I dual boot my computer with Windows XP, I jumped over the XP, installed PHP 4.4 and PostgreSQL 8.2 had the site up in less than an hour.  It was far simpler than trying to deal with Linux and the fact I would have to recompile PHP 4.X (and hope that I didn't miss a required module and have to re-configure / compile / install or get a configuration switch wrong, and other such problems).  So I guess you could say I WIPP'd the LAMP. Yes, that's a bad joke, I'm a programmer not a comedian.

     On a positive note though, I am quite impressed with Aptana for PHP editing.  It is well done and made my work a lot easier.  Now if only they could fix Ruby code completion (see previous articles about my adventures with Ruby on Rails).  I am also trying to convince the stakeholders in the project that ASP.NET would be a better platform, but that will take time...

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