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Here at Trimedia Atlantic, we've started a new project that I am very excited about, though I cannot yet talk about what that project is, I will talk about my experiences in developing it as we are using a great deal of cutting edge technology, such as a great deal of the NHibernate suite of technologies (Base, Search, etc), StructureMap IoC, AutoMapper, and ASP.NET MVC (along with Telerik's ASP.NET MVC framework).  I have had quite a few moments of excitement as I have discovered the capabilities of the platform(s), moments where the lights came on and I "got" the concepts of why and how, and moments of frustration as things "broke" (or in some cases where never meant to work that way).  I'm going to blog every day about my experiences as I work through the development cycle (but being horrible as I am at blogging, that remains to be seen).

So here is the list of technologies that I am using:

  • NHibernate 2.1 (Data Access Layer)
  • NHibernate Search (which the source code was a pain to find)
  • Linq to NHibernate (Though not the exclusive data access technology, it is used quite a bit)
  • Castle DynamicProxy2 (for writing some proxy code)
  • ELMAH (Error Reporting)
  • Fluent NHibernate (Fluent management of NHIbernate Config and Entity Mapping)
  • DataAnnotations Model Binder (took the original and fixed some of the problems, such as incorrect handling of Display Attributes, and ported several of NHibernate Validator validators)
  • StructureMap Inversion of Control Container (It's the glue that holds all the other technology together and makes dependency injection so much fun!!  Seriously, I'm loving DI)
  • TweetSharp (Great Twitter integration library)
  • Telerik ASP.NET MVC Extensions (does a great job of managing CSS and JS files, urls, and does file combining and makes using jQuery UI much easier)

I will warn people right now, my biggest complaint is (and will be) the lack of good documentation for these projects, there has been a lot of trial and error and learning on my part as to how these technologies work (sometimes work best, sometimes I just go them working and will worry about optimization later).  I hope that people benefit from my experience in the course of this blog.

Post #1 -- DataAnnotations Model Binder
Post #2 -- Using StructureMap as Controller Factory in ASP.NET MVC
Post #3 -- Implementing the Repository pattern with NHibernate and Fluent NHibernate
Post #4 -- Implementing the NHibernate BytecodeProvider with StructureMap
Post #5 -- Implementing NHibernate.Search


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