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  • Posting against your Dotnetweblog using InfoPath

    Tim Marman writes...

    Is there anything particular we would need to do to post to our blogs here, or is it all stuff built-in to InfoPath? (source).

    Access to the service's WSDL is all you need to submit/receive data against a web service with InfoPath.

    To post to your dotnetweblog, create a new web service data source using the Data Source Setup Wizard.

    Doing so will reveal that the InsertBlog service operation has some required fields (other than those which are immediately obvious) that need to be populated - ID, PTRCount and DateCreated.  The first two can have their default values set to 0, but setting the required DateCreated to the current date/time as a default requires that you set the node value via script in the OnLoad event.

    Drag the Title, Text, Description, Key and Is Active fields to the form canvas.

    Choose to fill out the form.


    Et voila - a new log entry.


  • InfoPath 'Submit' - Where Art Thou?

    An initial couple of sessions with the InfoPanel Beta certainly highlights for me what a great product MS have produced.  For me - it is so much more intuitive and user friendly than Altova's Authentic, although the fact that Authentic is now free means that another look is warranted.


  • Mapping a schema to parts of an Excel 2003 workbook

    This downloadable video shows how one can map a schema to parts of an Excel 2003 workbook.

    I have to confess that for the first time I'm really excited about an Office release.  Can't wait to try using InfoPath to gather input which can ultimately be displayed in one of the Office apps - all driven through just a schema.



  • Why Visual Tools for Office?

    The forthcoming release of Visual Studio Tools for Office, begs the question - why not include .NET runtime scripting in Office? What about VSA?