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A NET 1.1 Dilemma?

Should one consider releasing a product built against the 1.1 framework rather than 1.0? Is it reasonable to insist on installation of the 1.1 framework, or is that unreasonable at this point from a marketing perspective?

The reason for posing this question, is that there is an inconsistency between the two versions of the framework when compiling an non J# assembly against a J# assembly using the CodeDom or the command line compilers.

All works fine on 1.1, however on 1.0, one is forced to reference the assembly which contains the J# JDK libraries - vjslib.dll - using its absolute path.

In the product, code and settings are distributed - not binaries - an absolute reference which is not transportable is unacceptable.

Is installation of 1.1 a reasonable prerequisite or is it marketing mistake?

Update -this is a marketing question, not one about the use of configuration files. Configuration files do not solve the dilemma described.

Posted Thursday, May 8, 2003 9:27 AM by Alex Hoffman | 2 comment(s)

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