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February 2005 - Posts

MS Longhorn (lite) due to ship in second-half 2006

Update 23-Jul-06: This topic is now out of date.
Update:  see also this post by Scoble
and the comments to that post relating to deployment.

Microsoft Longhorn is now due to ship in second-half 2006 without WinFS, Indigo and Avalon*.  Beta 1 due June 2005.

While Indigo and Avalon may be released separately (?) for both XP and Longhorn (as "add-ins" for both OS's), the constantly changing feature list/timetable/roadmap most highlights those apologists for whom Microsoft can do no wrong.

This is the 4th alternative to the release strategy of either:-

  1. announcing products and delivering on time
  2. never pre-announcing new products
  3. releasing "only when the product is right/ready and no sooner" (i.e. we're incapable of delivering according to schedule)
  4. releasing on time minus most of the product (i.e. we're incapable of delivering in accordance with specification)
  5. announcing a product and never delivering it

* See Longhorn/Whidbey/Yukon Release Date Summary

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