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GM Collaborative Research Lab Retreat
For all of us at CMU who are funded by General Motors, we have a retreat this Friday!! This is going to be a great opportunity to get to know some of GM's top researchers, and learn about all sorts of cool research going on over here! Free Food and Free Knowledge! Can't beat that!

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First Post!

Alright, so today I'm starting a new blog relating to Speech Technology and Dialogue Systems. I'm a senior at Carnegie Mellon University in Computer Science, and I've spent about two years working on dialogue systems here.

This blog will contain news on current speech technology and other technologies of interest to me (mobile devices, web services, automotive technologies, telematics, and more), my take on them, as well as my own trials and tribulations with development of a dialogue manager we call Ariadne.

Ariadne is a dialogue manager platform which I've worked with for the past two years, and also started to make contributions to. Matthias Denecke, who did his PhD in Computational Linguistics, was the creator of Ariadne and it was part of his PhD thesis. You can see a video demonstration of Ariadne here:

(right-click the link, save as -- it doesn't stream. You need the DivX codec from DivX.com

I gave a talk on Ariadne at the Software Development Forum Emerging Technologies SIG in August -- you can see information on that here.

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