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  • Lunch with Bosch tomorrow!

    Hmm, it occurs to me that I haven't posted much speech related stuff for the past two weeks -- school's been hectic lately.

    Well, not too much new right now, though I am having lunch with one of the researchers at Bosch to update them on what's been going on recently and where we're headed with future Ariadne (dialogue system) related work.

  • Official PDC Pumpkin

    So this is totally awesome. My friends Jim Bai and Craig Austin at CMU just made this fabulous pumpkin!
    PDC pumpkin
    Jim is our wonderful student consultant this year at Carnegie Mellon for Microsoft (hired off of my referral :) ), and Craig is one of his suitemates. Let's give them a round of applause!
    And don't forget that awesome Longhorn "T"!

  • "Your good deeds are never forgotten"

    So says a fortune cookie from my dinner tonight. I hope Someone Really Special remembers mine. I swear, I feel like I had a whole slew of lessons this week on trust and loyalty in relationships. Sometimes, you have to bend over backwards to let them get their way, and sometimes you have to stand your ground to direct them back onto the right path. And sometimes you have to lose it all to remember what you had.

  • Don Box rocks!!

    Don, I just want to say thank you -- that was a very informative and very cool article! It felt like a trip down memory lane. Me not being a Microsoft employee (ah, the joys of being at a University), I'm free to say what I want about the Eolas case... and might I suggest you give Mr. Michael Wallent a bit of help here if you haven't done so already -- especially as the case goes to the appeals court. Since you were one of the inventors of COM... and that led to OLE... and you all see where I'm going with this.

  • Arnold wins California -- tenatively

    Yay! Okay, as a Bay area resident for 18 months during my years in college, I can't begin to express my joy at this result, if it is true! I remember the rolling blackouts of 2001 when I was working at IBM -- it sure was a funny scene seeing thousands of computer geeks at Sun, IBM, and Apple on De Anza Blvd. in Cupertino evacuating the buildings and seemingly seeing daylight for the first time. Regardless, those blackouts cost California tons of productive hours... prior to that California had water problems, and California spends the most on education, yet has an abysmal public education system for K-12.

  • Microsoft Changes to IE for Eolas patent...

    So I just read about Microsoft's changes to Internet Explorer to deal with the Eolas patent, and I must say, all this change does, in my opinion, is create nuisance to content developers and users, and while it may circumvent the patent (whether it does or doesn't I am withholding my opinion on), it doesn't prevent the fact that the ActiveX control or plugin still will load after a bit of Javascript.

  • GM Collaborative Research Lab Retreat

    For all of us at CMU who are funded by General Motors, we have a retreat this Friday!! This is going to be a great opportunity to get to know some of GM's top researchers, and learn about all sorts of cool research going on over here! Free Food and Free Knowledge! Can't beat that!

  • First Post!

    Alright, so today I'm starting a new blog relating to Speech Technology and Dialogue Systems. I'm a senior at Carnegie Mellon University in Computer Science, and I've spent about two years working on dialogue systems here.