CES, here we come... :) (and Seagate/PodTech BlogHaus too!)

 better rim pic

Speak With Me in the night 



Speak With Me trunk


Speak With Me will be at CES this year, though purposely not in a booth -- we have some private meetings with some folks in the automotive and cell phone industry, and we'll be giving some private demos to Seagate/PodTech BlogHaus attendees (Thanks Robert Scoble!). Yes, we do use Seagate Hard Drives in the Speak With Me demo car, they've been in there for 30,000+ miles and counting, from Mount Shasta & Seattle to San Diego.


Why aren't we in a booth this year? Our products are more in the 2008/2009 time frame, so it's a bit too early to be too public about stuff, there's a lot of testing we're going to be doing to make sure our products meet exceptional quality standards. This year my car is going more so for corporate types and we *might* let a blogger or journalist in for a ride, and we *might* use the car as a taxi to the PodTech BlogHaus sponsored by Seagate.

(Oh and that Sprint Blue Audi in the background of the first pic... no plans for that car at all for CES 2008/2009. None what so ever...)

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