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  • Starting a new Blog

    Well the time has come again; Time to start a new blog - found here

    When I got into blogs I initially thought, “Wow, that's cool.  I'll build my own.”  That worked ok, it was simple enough.  Then I looked closely at an early dasBlog and thought “Boy, there's a lot of work someone has already done and is it offering it up for free use.”  Not too mention implementing Trackbacks and such things that I wasn't even thoroughly understanding.  So I setup a local installation of dasBlog.

    Things were running smoothly for a bit, until one day I somehow lost my XML Storage files and my blog was blank.  (This was a bit ago, so I'm sure any error on my part or dasBlog has been resolved).  So I grabbed the current version of .Text and tried out a local installation.  Very nice, dasBlog and .Text seemed like cousins, different but similiar and can play nice together.

    Things were running good, but then I came down with a case of BlogApathy (I just actually added that definintion to the wikipedia) and let my blog fall to the wayside...

    Then recently I decided I had something to say again, or wanted to have something to say.  I shot an email to Scott Watermasysk, and he thankfully setup on account for me on  This was good, I had been included in a vibrant active community.

    Very quickly I came down with another disease, LonghornFixation (I won't add this one to the wikipedia...yet).  So I asked Robert McLaws to setup a blog for me.  Which is great and now I have a blog I have actually started filling with content.

    But then I was recently linked to by...hmm, someone in the main feed.  Its so active now I can't search back on it.  So someone linked to;   Free Installation & Hosting Of Your Blog.  Nice and one of the best features - crossposting.  So now I have one blog, kindly hosted by newtelligence and their sponsors, where I can comfortably talk about whatever and when I have something related to ASP.NET or Longhorn I can push it out to the respective channels.

    Awesome work done by a lot of people to help foster the developer community.  Now I just need to give back and supply worthy content.  Oh, and of course, avoid another case of BlogApathy...