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  • Google doesn't like name changes

    This is an odd occurance in Googledom.

    So I work at Aptera.  We have a product called the PSA Scorecard, but from November to Febraury it was called the PSE Scorecard.  Since the strategic name change in Febraury, Google hasn't recognized our site.  If you search for PSE Scorecard you get this, the domain comes up as the 5th entry on the page.  But if you search for the PSA Scorecard, it never shows up, all you get are my blog entries because it is listed in my side navigation.

    Its confusing because I know that Google pays great attention to the title and domain name.  So you would think that after almost three months the PSA Scorecard ould show up somewhere in the first ten pages.

    Any ideas?
    (other than we need to enlist the aid of SEO experts if we want to boost our Google juice.  We can't even get our product name up there…)


  • Visual Blogger Beta

    Josh Ledgard's posted some good feedback on Visual Blogger 2004, a blogging tool put out by Robert McLaws and Interscape.

    He mentioned having a local backup of your blog and a Blog This shortcut right in your context menu for any Windows app.  That would be powerful, just select some text and go.  I'd like the ability to setup different formats for that as well.  I could select some text, right-click, find Blog This and then expand the menu to different formats.  For example I would choose Quote, and it would insert it into my blog post with <DIV> tags wrapped around it specifying my quote css class.  That would be cool.

    I'm happy to see that cross-posting is built in, but I won't be able to test Visual Blogger anymore until it supports dasBlog.

    I want a new name though, in Josh's post he said “VB just neglected to select catagories.“.  I think the name will lead to confusion; VB already stands for something to a lot of people. I guess Naming is Hard.  Hmm, we can't use iBlog, maybe meBlog or something a little trendier /meBlog.

       “Did you see the latest post written via slash-me?“



  • Tech MeetUps

    Although MeetUps rarely happen in my area (Fort Wayne, IN), I thought I would pass along the latest MeetUp I have signed up for. 

    Currently only ten members, this must be a new group. Our user group does not have enough members interested in SQL to start a focus group, so this would be a nice casual way together and talk about SQL.

    The other two MeetUps I am looking forward to are:


  • Preparing for Tech-Ed

    I found out yesterday, I am on my way to Tech-Ed in San Diego this year. I haven't been to Tech-Ed since 2000, so this should be a real different experience. I've changed a lot and so have my responsibilities at work.  I imagine I will be able to get a lot more out of Tech-Ed than the last time I went.

    I'm guessing I'll know a lot more people this time, too. Well “know” in the sense of over the internet and through the computer…


  • NUFW : Building and Leveraging Custom Attributes

    Tom Barnaby gave a presentation on Building and Leveraging Custom Attributes at our April NUFW meeting last night.

    Tom is an INETA speaker and an accomplished author. He brought his latest book Applied .NET Attributes and a copy of Distributed .NET Programming in C# for the raffle. The presentation was great and I learned some new things, specifically having to do with Aspect-Oriented Programming and ContextBoundObjects.

    In addition, we had a few new faces show up and we're always happy to see that.  Thanks for showing up and bring anyone else you know interested in .NET.

    Thanks again to INETA and Tom (Mr. I need to blog) for the good presentation on an interesting topic!


  • My email is junk

    Today while working on a website that sends email messages when certain events occur, I became very confused.

    The code was simple, thanks to System.Web.Mail, no more CDO, CDONTS or MAPI. I would trigger the event to send the email and every once and awhile I'd get the email. Ack the worst kind of problem, trying to solve something inconsistent. Blah.

    So I checked everything on the server (Windows 2003), everything looked good. Then I thought about the pattern of the emails that actual came through. When testing, the first one always made it through, but the following did not.

    Then I found the missing emails, they were hiding in my Junk Mail folder. Apparently Outlook 2003 looks at how quickly emails come through from non-trusted addresses and had decided that my own test emails, with my email as the From address were junk.

    Ahh, thanks Outlook, I was embarrassed and elated at the same time.


  • Scoble's experimental blog

    Scoble asks what users think of his experimental rapid-fire blog.

    My first opinion on the whole thing was not favorable, I didn't really understand why he needed another one.  But then I actually looked at it and started using it.

    Now with information consumption as my main addiction, I find times at work where I am waiting, waiting for something to compile, waiting for a website to copy to the production servers.  During this time I want (need) something to read.  So how do I get these good short bits to read in those painful periods of time?

    In the morning I open Mozilla FireFox to Scoble's experimental blog, then open up all of the interesting posts as new tabs.  Throughout the day I read the through the tabbed blog posts and my addiction is fed.

    Aahhh...That's better.

    Maybe for people to understand it more the experimental blog needs to be rebranded as Scoble Spew or Scoble Stream or something like that.