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Yep, you read the press release right, I've joined the Xamlon team.

Ever since I got my hands on the Longhorn PDC bits (thanks Chris), I've been addicted to Longhorn and XAML.  I love the potential that XAML brings to application development and am excited to help make the dream become a reality.

We've got a lot of big ideas in the works, so stay tuned...

(If you want to try out Xamlon today, click here to get on the beta list.)

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Domain Names Abbreviated

Recently Chris Sells posted about and how it redirects to the Longhorn Developer Center.  As someone who doesn't really use Favorites this is a great shortcut to have.  Just type “winfx” in the address bar, hit Ctrl+Enter and you're there.

Two other domain name shortcuts I know of are wmlah which leads to the WatchingMicrosoftLikeAHawk site and msdn which finally leads to the Microsoft Developer Network site.  I say finally, because this is a recnt change.  I know that for at least a year the domain name “” was owned by a third-party he just posted a link to direct you to the Microsoft MSDN site.  I wonder how much that guy made when he sold the domain name…

Do you know of any other shortcut domain names I'm missing?

TechEd Water

In preparing for this year's TechEd, I thought I'd review some materials from TechEds of the past.

Hmm, maybe I should post these on ebay…

And then there were 4…

4 blogs.  No really more like 4 blog channels. That's what I'm up to now.

My complete blog channel can be found at, which from there I crosspost to and and now announcing the latest channel at the recently started

Crossposting is useful as you are able to reach different audiences and build seperate comment conversations. Its always interesting to see the turns that the conversations can go when they grow independantly. Sort of like living in different parallel universes at the same time…

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Premier XNA Title

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes is a massively multiplayer RPG currently in development by Sigil Games Online, Inc. and funded and to be published by Microsoft Games Studios.

Sigil was founded by two major contributors to the EverQuest phenomenon.  In addition to their credentials, they have announced that Vanguard will use the Unreal Game Engine and they will be using the Microsoft XNA platform for development.

Sounds like an awesome combination!

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Graphic Support for Books

While reading DonXml's post on Why Shouldn’t Authors Self-Publish?, I came across on interesting comment by Darrell Norton. He mentioned that typically graphics and images in books are not always in proportion to the quality of the writing of the book. This makes sense, most programmer writers are not skilled with the likes of graphic design and I can't imagine that it would be cost-effective for publishers to keep too many artists on staff for this kind of work.

As a designer/developer, I'm interested in how this works behind the scenes.  I've noticed the lack of quality graphics in some books, myself.  I wonder how important this is to the success of the book.  Could it warrant a service where the publisher or the author pays an outside consultant to design the graphics (or at least takes them out for a for beer)?

Any input from existing authors?  Anyone willing to pay (or bartering) for graphical support?

[Curiosity killed the cat; or at least gives him to much to do…]

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NextFest for programmers

I was checking out the WIRED NEXTFest website, which previews a few of the exhibits, like flying cars, robot butlers and Invisibility Coats(think of the Predator movies, not Harry Potter).  And of course, this stuff is very cool and exciting, but it all seems very focused on engineering.  These people make material things that others can see.  I can't completely relate, I spend most of my time pushing bits and pixels around all day (and night).

I am just wondering if there is any conference like this for programmers.  Some non-specific (meaning open-source or proprietary) programming convention, where you get to see the most amazing stuff that people are doing with their virtual creations.

Is there any existing conference that matches this description?  Any thoughts on if this is a bad or good idea?

Channel9 Wallpaper

Following up on the wallpaper thread on Channel9, I've created my own version of the Channel9 avatar. Sure was nice to get back into Photoshop, its been a bit dusty lately.

Available in:

Google doesn't like name changes

This is an odd occurance in Googledom.

So I work at Aptera.  We have a product called the PSA Scorecard, but from November to Febraury it was called the PSE Scorecard.  Since the strategic name change in Febraury, Google hasn't recognized our site.  If you search for PSE Scorecard you get this, the domain comes up as the 5th entry on the page.  But if you search for the PSA Scorecard, it never shows up, all you get are my blog entries because it is listed in my side navigation.

Its confusing because I know that Google pays great attention to the title and domain name.  So you would think that after almost three months the PSA Scorecard ould show up somewhere in the first ten pages.

Any ideas?
(other than we need to enlist the aid of SEO experts if we want to boost our Google juice.  We can't even get our product name up there…)

Visual Blogger Beta

Josh Ledgard's posted some good feedback on Visual Blogger 2004, a blogging tool put out by Robert McLaws and Interscape.

He mentioned having a local backup of your blog and a Blog This shortcut right in your context menu for any Windows app.  That would be powerful, just select some text and go.  I'd like the ability to setup different formats for that as well.  I could select some text, right-click, find Blog This and then expand the menu to different formats.  For example I would choose Quote, and it would insert it into my blog post with <DIV> tags wrapped around it specifying my quote css class.  That would be cool.

I'm happy to see that cross-posting is built in, but I won't be able to test Visual Blogger anymore until it supports dasBlog.

I want a new name though, in Josh's post he said “VB just neglected to select catagories.“.  I think the name will lead to confusion; VB already stands for something to a lot of people. I guess Naming is Hard.  Hmm, we can't use iBlog, maybe meBlog or something a little trendier /meBlog.

   “Did you see the latest post written via slash-me?“


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