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Hunting Godzilla in .NET...

  • C# in 2000

    I was looking at my conference Tee from a Wrox conference in 2000.  I thought it was interesting the placement of C# and how its become such a big name now, definitely worth a top billing.  Also you'll notice the original name for ASP.NET listed as "ASP+".  I think I still may like that name better.  Hopefully at the next PDC, they'll have Avalon and Indigo on the conference Tee so I can post that Tee in 2010 when the names have been changed by marketing to something functional like Windows Ultra-Graphic Rated-M Control System and Really Good Communication System.

  • Outlook "Import Contacts" Oddity

    All of your contacts' emails are missing.  The default mapping of fields between the Access file and Outlook does not map the Email fields. Before clicking Finish in step 5, you need to go back to the end of step 4 and click Map Custom Fields and specify that you want the Email to be imported as well.  I don't know about you, but that email address is the most important field to me when using my email program...

  • Home PC Tune Up

    I just read a post on Ed Bott's blog about helping a non-programmer clean up their computer.  Ironically, I did spend some time this weekend cleaning up my parents computer.  It must have somethiing to do with the whole July 4th, Independance Day(US) idea.  "Break free from spyware and viruses!"

  • Still need to track referrals?

    My blog engine does not track referrals yet, and I am contemplating how important they really are.  With services like Feedster, Technorati and PubSub, you can easily track where links to your site exist.  I will probably end up implementing referral tracking in the interest of capturing all data possible, but I wonder how much that data will get lost and if it will just take up hard drive space.