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Focus management Tips & Tricks for nested ListView's part 1 by akjoshi

Hi, as every WPF developer would agree with me that handling focus in WPF is a nightmare and every now and then you come across scenarios which makes you pull your hair I recently came across one(more) such scenario and it was a tough task to make focus...
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Finding last visual parent in VisualTree by akjoshi

Recently I had a requirement where I needed to find the last parent of a particular type in VisualTree. You can easily find an implementation to find the parent but was not able to find one for finding the top most parent of a given type. So I modified...
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Excel cell behavior for WPF TextBox by akjoshi

Excel cells have a very special and useful behavior that they become editable as soon as it gets selected but it doesn't changes its visual appearance i.e. caret doesn't becomes visible. User can start typing into it or use Enter or Arrow keys to move around, caret becomes visible as soon as user starts typing into it. Let's implement this behavior for WPF TextBox....
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Resolving harmless binding errors in WPF II : 2 approaches for removing data binding errors due to heterogeneous types in a hierarchical view by akjoshi

This is a continuation post to my previous post Resolving harmless binding errors in WPF in which I talked about various ways of  resolving different binding errors etc. I recently came across another situation in which we get these binding errors...
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Making animations work for disabled controls by akjoshi

Some animations don't work if control on which animation is applied is disabled, this post explains a workaround to make animations work on disabled controls. ...
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Attached Behavior for auto scrolling containers while doing Drag & Drop by akjoshi

This is a very common problem in WPF, if you support Drag & Drop within your Items control or across the controls like ListView, TreeView etc. and your List contains hundreds of items then it’s very hard to drag an item at the bottom to the top......
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WPF DataGrid Customization: Resizing Row/Column through DataGridCell gridlines by akjoshi

In this post I am going to share my experience on how I achieved the functionality to resize DataGrid row/column from any cell in that row (not just the row header). We needed this functionality as our user can hide the DataGrid headers and it is not possible to resize the rows/columns after that....
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Importance of specifying AncestorType with x:Type in RelativeSourceBinding by akjoshi

I am really very happy right now, for the past 4 days me and my team were trying to solve a very trivial bug in our application and finally it got resolved by just adding x:Type in our RelativeSource bindings; Can you believe this, a production issue...
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