Do you need one of those Experts in Social Media?

If you got lost on the title, you are not the only one, I did as well, I shall add a subtitle.

Who are those experts in Twitter and Facebook?

Easier now? Easier for me to wrap my head around it. All around the blogs and twitter are self proclaim people as “Social Media Experts” Who are those and what can they do for you? Well we all, I hope I am not alone in this one, that Twitter and Facebook were a lot of fun as well as provided the information that you wanted by filtering the whole noise.

So many conversations with other developers trying to figure it how this companies are going to be able to turn a profit. Is not like Facebook can keep taking spammers to court to get their money. Developers everywhere started creating applications out there for social interaction in the web. Yet found them self late on that missed the most important detail, what about a business plan? Well we are developers, we see something cool and we want to write the app. Also is not like Twitter had a business plan when they started or they have one now as much as they get money from investors. Many other developers might had the same idea, build it and they’ll come.

Many developers I know would love to create an startup, of course, this is what is all about. When you think about startups, you think about writing the new killer app in a open space office full of Xboxes and big screen TVs. Will weird geek toys purchased online from But we all know that only happens when an inverter gives you all that money ;-) Now I can see a new bread of startups, with cool logos and no developers around, just a very, very complicated business logic to turn a profit on the social media. It just doesn’t end up for me, they may be the future, I just don’t see it. Makes me think they only looking for inverters. If its too obvious it must be it.

Now I’m getting on those “Social Media Experts” the people that studied the phenomena for the few years that is being out there and came out with very long power point presentations stating the obvious again and giving you a general idea of how to use Social Media to your advantage. Are they self proclaimed social media experts or proclaimed by the followers they have?

I don’t blame people for trying to understand and try to monetize a very popular technology that brings so many free customers to. If I could find a myself a way to make money in that technology,I’ll be spending my nights writing an app just for that purpose.

There is also the other side, the experts that are not trying to make a profit, yet they people that are trying to advertize or promote their product on the Social Media, being able to reach so many people that are already interested in what you are talking about is a great marketing schema that never needed an expert in social media to tell the marketing department to get on board. At least it cuts on broadcast emails that feel like spam anyway. Now the spam that you received on the social media is ‘cos you wanted to follow that fellow. He will tell you everything of what he is selling. The good thing here is you are already interested or a customer, so feels like you are getting the updates.

With all this in mind, I have been expecting companies to get a better understanding of what people is interested on by using their timelines and what are they disclosing on the Twitter. So if you are thinking in purchasing an iMac, you may tweet about the idea to get feedback from people in that model you are thinking of buying, so Apple should be searching and understanding what people wants as well as approaching those with deals or just support in making that decision, just by doing that they may get a new customer. No even big purchase should be like that, I know that if a tweet came with a coupon for diapers I would take it as many of my followers know I have young kids, so targeting people like me should be their business. So please beer companies, here I am looking for a good deal.

There is so much information on the social media that indexing and filtering is a difficult task, Google and Bing already started that task to index the stream of messages, so now searching and getting a profile of users looking for those products should be a little easier, still targeting them can be difficult and might be the new spam if not careful.

So are those new Experts in Social Media looking at those? Or they’re consulting your company how to get into Twitter? If so, please let me help out with that! Seriously maybe is a little more complicated than that for companies that would like to bring all that social media syndications in house to find out what their users are asking for, that information is without any doubt priceless to any  enterprise. Some companies are still ignoring it or avoiding it for some reason like the way it happened when blogs came out. Hopefully with time adoption will happen, and those experts will multiply once again. I really hope that people don’t need experts to understand that you need to bring all that information to your company and respond fast and any complain or problem that you may see by your users.

The question here is what are those Social Media Experts and what do they bring to the table? Are they experts to tell you how to make money from the web or they are experts to explain how social media should be observe and interact with as a company? Or they are all of above? Is the Social Media thing still too difficult for marketing departments to understand? Is there more that I’m missing in this picture? Did I came to the twitter world too late? In any case, all these questions have been hunting me, I see more and more people talking about these subject as much as they were talking a few years back about the Web 2.0.

This one shall pass as well?



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