Fizzbin is Technical Support the word, pass it on!

An idea from Scott Hanselman

We need a word that says "I know tech" when you're on the phone with tech support, you'd just say "Fizzbin" and they'd know.

A great idea to avoid the 20 questions before you can let them know the problem or before they go over the script to reboot the FIOS modem 10 times.

Hey Fizzbin and your FIOS today is only giving me 1MB per second, fix that in my profile. The problem is the other end won’t know what Fizzbin is and we’ll be in the same boat. So there is a problem still in the system, the other person should reply another word to let you know he is also technical.

You: Fizzbin

Support: Roger!!

Now we can talk, otherwise:

You: Fizzbin

Support: What?

Action: Hung up and dial again.



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