If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, purchase an iPhone for your wife.

iPhones with Applications

As a software developer I love technology to some weird extremes sometimes, as well I love shinny new toys that most of the time I cannot find a good day to day use, yet I’ve been driven by this wonderful world of gadgets and new software. Keeping up with Twitter, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft releases is a life time commitment, getting gadgets a huge budget constrain. Yet I am a technologies geek and I want to keep up on all things coming into the market and better yet, buy them.

Yet there is always the WIFE being the voice of reason or the voice of concern when you work at night trying to get a piece of code working, there is nothing worse than leaving something not working before going to bed. The Wife will ask you to stop using twitter when she is giving birth to our 3rd daughter as well as in bed while watching the news and you are using twitter to talk to don lemon to express your opinion.

Life for this poor loving shinny toys geeks has been like this until one day, I gave my wife my old iPhone, not even I purchased a new one for her, I gave her my old one after buying myself the new 3G.

After a week passed and no much training had to be given, a huge bonus by the way, the water calmed, I was allowed to use the iPhone at morning, noon and night. Wife found the social networks and the data plan to get access to the information that she needed on the road. Now wife and classic iPhone are great friends and I may had to purchased a few devices for the wife to use with her Classic iPhone, like the wonderful Jawbone with noise assassin, used many times when the baby isn’t very happy over lunch.

My wife never cared much about new technology and still does not care much about software, besides the Apple Store applications, yet I need to work on that. I do believe the simplicity of the iPhone brings people to the gadgets that before was reserved to more “adventurous” people. Is that what “human interface” is doing?

This is my testimony of a happy geek, now she is happier letting me go to Frys or Best Buy as well as the box of random cables that normally lives in the garage, has now a spot in the downstairs toy room’s closet. Its like somebody seen the light and she is getting closer to the final conversions. I wonder when is the right age to purchase an iPhone for my daughters?

Just make sure that she keeps the iPhone up to date and in sync once in a while to her computer. She didn’t yet had updated to the new 2.2 release.

What’s new on the iPhone 2.2 release:

  • Enhancements to Maps
    • Google Street View*
    • Public transit and walking directions
    • Display address of dropped pins
    • Share location via email
  • Decrease in call setup failures and dropped calls
  • Enhancements to Mail
    • Resolved isolated issues with scheduled fetching of email
    • Improved formatting of wide HTML email
  • Podcasts are now available for download in iTunes application (over Wi-Fi and cellular network)
  • Improved stability and performance of Safari
  • Improved sound quality of Visual Voicemail messages
  • Pressing Home button from any Home screen displays the first Home screen
  • Preference to turn on/off auto-correction in Keyboard Settings

2.2 is being out for a while I am really looking forward the 2.3 as well as the cut and paste feature promised by Apple in a future release.

So answer this question, what phone does your wife owns?




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