Introduction to Silverlight 3


This month Silverlight 3 came out as a Beta for people to start learning the new features, still Silverlight supports Windows Vista, XP with SP2, Windows 2003, 2008 and Mac OS X 10.4.8 and browsers Internet Explorer 5.5+, Firefox 1+, Mozilla 1+ and Safari.

Silverlight 3 brings to the user the 3D Effect, not to be confused in 3D support. H.264 video support. Still you’ll have now X,Y and Z coordinates to rotate your controls. The media element can now decode all videos H264 encoded format. This is great news as many camcorders including mine use that encoding on the videos, my apologies in advance as you are about to see many family videos in this blog from the moment that Silverlight 3 hits the browsers.

Animation with a new property EasingMode to give another effect to your objects to be able to EaseIn, EaseOut and EaseInOut.

Another great feature coming out the Microsoft factory is the Pixel Shaders, they typically execute on the GPU and, as such, operate very quickly to calculate the color of individual pictures on screen. Pixel Shaders are written in a language called HLSL a familiar language for C programmers and provides amazing effects to your images.

The most amazing part is that you’ll be able to code your own custom pixel shaders using HLSL.

Another exiting feature is the out of the browser application, this allows you to encapsulate your own window and be added into the Start menu or the desktop. If you allow that in your applications the user will be able to right click the mouse and Save for Offline, the user will click to confirmed.

Silverlight 3 is also allowing the user to allow the application from using more than just the Isolated Storage in the hard disk, Save File Dialog Box is a new feature that was requested many times for Silverlight developers.

I hope with this I answer the questions of what is coming with Silverlight 3 I would recommend you if you want to see in more detail my other post about Silverlight 3.

We, developers, need to keep learning everyday to stay in touch with the market, this is more important when working in professional services to understand where the market is going and where is the technology fixing. I do try to learn web technologies coming out to be prepared on any given project. Yet that means that I’ll never be able to be really good at any? I know that I don’t have as much time to learn about Silverlight as other developers that spend all day improving in this new and exciting technology.

A great place I found great introduction videos for Silverlight 2 is at the mix. I would recommend as was recommended to me. 

If you are now just looking at Silverlight 3 Beta videos to learn you can find them here.

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