My first article on ASP.NET Pro thanks to INETA.

On the December issue of the ASP.NET Pro magazine you’ll find my article about maps I wrote for them, a great tutorial to report your data in a geographic matter. I really hope that will help many people start using that kind of analysis and reporting for making better decisions.


ASP.NET Pro always being the leader in ASP.NET articles, to receive the magazine you can subscribe at


Tuesday, November 11th I’ll be at the Inland Empire .NET User Group giving a presentation, I hope you can join us.


I’ll be presenting GeoTwitter as well as I would like to keep bringing the message to the community about the Internet Social Networks and how important is to share information on this age where is almost impossible to keep up with technology.


Hoping to meet lots of people there, I hope as well that I can use the AT&T Air Card, last time I was there, I had no service on my iPhone.





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