Silverlight 5 is coming to town.

While people are still talking about HTML 5, the Silverlight Team at Microsoft wanted to make sure every developer understood that Silverlight is here to stay, and with that, they created an event around that technology for developers to get deep into Silverlight 4. That was the perfect opportunity for Scott Guthrie to unveiled the next release, Silverlight 5. at the Silverlight FireStarter.

For the list of features, sounds like Microsoft is positioning that technology to be the default for media with play back up to 1080p HD content. As well the pitch correction allows a much faster way to consume tutorials on the web.

There are many improvements like databinding, WCF Ria Services, printing and graphics, yet I did'n’t see any new feature like from Silverlight 3 to Silverlight 4. Sounds more like Silverlight 4.1 than 5 to me.

The announcement from Scott Gu can be found at his weblog.



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