What’s Silverlight Prism?

image I have always been an advocate for patters, as they make us better developers. I have always adopted those on my projects, a few years ago you can read my posts about CSLA or the ASP.NET MVC recently. Patters and Practices are great in software development, guess what, much better than anarchy, isn’t it?

From the Patters and Practices group at Microsoft comes out the project Prism. A great patter to follow in the WPF and Silverlight development. 

Prism – Composite Client Application Guidance for WPF and Silverlight

  • Library
  • Reference Implementation
  • Documentation


At codeplex there is a implementation of Prism called StockTrader, there is a sample for WPF and one for Silverlight sharing 90% of the code.

Prizm core concepts

  • Bootstrapper
  • Modules
  • UI Composition
  • Events and Commands
  • Multi-Targeting
  • Separate Presentation


  • Unit of the application assembly
  • Unit of development
  • Unit of deployment

Separates the presentation with the view.

If you are developing Silverlight or WPF applications, this is a patter that you may want to follow.



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