Sharp Architecture welcomes new team members

As with most open source projects, S#arp Architecture relies on its user base to for support, ideas, bug fixes, etc. We've been very fortunate to have a passionate user base that really fosters a sense of sharing. In the past few months 3 community members in particular have stepped up to help out with code, answering questions on the group and on StackOverflow, and documentation. We have decided to offer these gents positions on the S# team.

Please join us in welcoming Geoffrey Smith, Seif Attar, and Dan Smith to the S# team.

 Geoffrey Smith

 Geoffrey offered to help out with documentation and UI. He will be joining the main S#arp Architecture team and lending a hand with the 2.0 rewrite. One of his first tasks will be to spice up the Northwind sample. If you have ideas of items you would like to see in a Kitchen sink type sample, let him know. Geoffrey is relatively new to the .NET / C# world, coming from a Java / Python background. He most recently used S#arp Architecture and to index and search a large document repository. As a guilty pleasure, he enjoys working with the Arduino-based ArduPilot to create fully autonomous drones.

Seif Attar

Seif will be joining us in the role of the S#arp Architecture Contrib project lead. He has been developing software for 8 years, mainly using C#. Being a Linux user and free software advocate, he was very happy to find out about the Alt.Net movement as he could finally combine his work with his sense of community. He has been using S#arp Architecture and learning from its community since early 2009. He is active on the mailing list as well as StackOverflow.

Dan Smith

Dan is joining us on the S#arp Architecture Contrib team. He is currently the lead programmer for a medical device sales and training company in Connecticut. He uses S# day to day at work along with techniques he has learned from the WCHM project using AutoMapper and MEF.


Both Seif and Dan will be involved with the 2.0 rewrite on the Contrib as well as the main project. We know the community will join us in welcoming them

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