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December 2008 - Posts


Silverlight Tip: Splash screen issues. by brainbox

Today I worked on silverlight splash screen for our site and found that documentation about splash screen is very poor and cause many misunderstandings. In this post i'll try to make some of them disappear. =) Because of silverlight splash screen is managed...

Little trick with partial classes. by brainbox

If you have ever look at silverlight control toolkit source you may be found that all visual states and visual state groups are stored as constants in one internal static class called visualstates. When I have started developing my own control library...
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Resharper live template for Dependency Properties by brainbox

Writing of Silverlight and WPF dependency properties is very annoying process. But with resharper live templates you can change the situation. Here you can download my version of such template and import to your resharper. Create dependency properties...

Blend Tip: How to remove gradient stop. by brainbox

It was a real headache for me to find how to remove gradient stop from the color slider. After 1 hour of mouse freestyling i found out that you can do it by dragging the stop down from the slider. =) No doubt this is lovely feature, but it is to hard...
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