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November 2009 - Posts


Disable XAML Designer in Visual Studio 2010 by brainbox

In visual studio 2010 Silverligh XAML designer is visible by default. For me it is totally useless and only require additional machine resources. Also I think it will never provide functionality close to Blend. So I recommend everybody to turn it off...
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IRepository interface. by brainbox

First of all I'd like to remark that I'm not following PoEA Repository pattern. I just like this name! =) Repository and Dao interfaces still remains hot topic today. While developing my last ASP.NET MVC application I've created my own interface, which...
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Shader effects kill performance of Silverlight popup control. by brainbox

Today I found out why all pop ups in our project works so slowly (As an example you can check datepicker on this page http://househotel74.ru/#/Booking). The source of problem is silverlight shader effects. If you have control with applied shader effect...
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