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November 2003 - Posts

28 November 2003
Versioning issues with winforms controls hosted in IE
A client has a third-party application written for version 1.0 of the runtime. This is a web application using windows forms controls in the browser. Now, we have built an app using version 1.1 of the runtime for this client. It turns out that the third-party controls hosted in IE does not work properly... Read More...
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25 November 2003
Post-PDC user group meeting
Our user group, the Norwegian .NET User Group , will have a meeting on Tuesday focusing the news presented at the PDC. We will have one keynote and then three sessions digging into Indigo, Avalon and ASP.NET. All sessions presented by people from the user group. I will present the session on ASP.NET... Read More...
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25 November 2003
My blog is finding its new home here on weblogs.asp.net. I hope to make some new friends in this neighborhood! Read More...
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