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February 2004 - Posts

22 February 2004
Edit and continue with ASP.NET
Many developers don’t realize that they can do edit and continue (EnC) when developing ASP.NET applications with Visual Studio .NET 2003. And it doesn't matter if you are using Visual Basic .NET or C#. It's pretty close to EnC anyway. And it gets even better in Whidbey. How? By using attach / detach... Read More...
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17 February 2004
MSDN/NNUG tour hit Oslo today
The combined NNUG / MSDN tour hit Oslo today and it was a blast! The headline was Yukon, Whidbey & Indigo! “-What is HOT? What is NOT? ”. 400 people got to hear three speakers from the user group (Trond Brande, Arne Jørgensen and myself) in addition to Stein Møllerhaug from... Read More...
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14 February 2004
MVP - me too!
I checked Christian Nagel's web log, a fellow Regional Director , INETA Europe buddy and good friend and saw that he had been recognized as an MVP on his birthday. Congratulations Christian, and happy birthday! Then I checked my e-email and found that I had also been recognized as an MVP for ASP.NET... Read More...
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