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  • Vista RTM: so far, so good

    A couple of months ago I upgraded my home PC with the RTM version of Windows Vista Ultimate. I performed a clean install because the previous RC2 started to degrade and turned out to be a faulty disk drive. I have a SATA Raid controller on my motherboard and I was using a stripe-set volume configuration with two identical 80GB SATA drives, but one of them failed and I had to undo the RAID and install the new Vista using only one disk.

  • Upgraded to Vista RC2

    Last week I upgraded my personal machine to the Vista RC2 version. It was running RC1 and for the most part it worked well, except for some blue screens and some extrange behavior with my video card making my machine to loose video after some time. This machine had Vista Beta2 but this version started to degrade after some time to the point I couldn't even login. At that time I recovered a backup of everything I needed and perform a clean install of RC1.