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  • Authentication problems in Windows 2008 R2 and loopback IP

    We are migrating part of our infrastructure to Windows Server 2008 R2, and while preparing a DEMO environment we got bitten by this problem. In R2 (and Windows 7) security is a little tigher and NTLM authentication will not work if the endpoint trying to access is using a loopback IP address ( This holds true even if using an alias in the hosts file.

    Some of the symthoms of this are getting soem error and audit events in the event log, for example: NTLM/Operational EventID 8001 and 8002 and LsaSrv EventID 6037.

    The resolution of this issue (not recommended for production) would be to disable the new "LoopbackCheck" security feature for the LSA (Local Security Authority) service. To do that you need to alter the registry and add the key defined below.

    For your convenience, you can copy & paste the text between the "==" and save it as a .reg file.


    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



    Hope it helps someone.

    Best regards,

    Andres G Vettori, VMBC, CTO


  • Upgraded from RC to Windows 7 RTM and installed Office 2010 Tech preview

     Hi!  I just finished upgrading my Windows 7 RC to the final version, and everything is working as expected. No visible changes in the UI or any other areas, still rock solid and FAST! This is (by far) the best desktop Windows version I had the placer to work with. I know there is no "supported" path for migrating from the RC but with a little trick (found through BING, hint: involves touching a cversion.ini file in the "sources" folder in the installation DVD) I was able to do it.

    A couple days later I installed Office 2010 technical preview (x64), and I'm surprised on how well the setup experience was, and more important, how well Office programs seems to be working. There is no upgrade path from Office 2007 x86 so I uninstalled everything and after setup I had my previous Outlook 2007 mailbox configuration preserved. Thank god!

    So, so far I'm very pleased with this version of Office 2010 and will be testing it in daily basis.

    Best regards, 

    Andrés G Vettori, CTO, VMBC