Any interest in continue the SharpHSql project?

I have kind of abandoned this little and nice project, but I feel bad....  I still resist to give up on this and for that reason I'm trying to get two things from you guys:

  1. Comments saying that you would like the project to be continued or not.
  2. Maybe some helping hand here in fixing and changing the things that need to be redesigned or improved.

 Well, I will be waiting your response.....

Thanks in advance!

Andrés G Vettori
EDS Top Gun - .NET Capability Architect

Leader of the C# Community of the Microsoft Users Group Argentina


  • Basically, the project has reliability problems, specially when trying to use more than a few rows (a few thousands are enough to break a database).
    The checkpoint process needs to be redesigned, and also some other things I have in mind are:

    - Migrating to VS2005.
    - Creating VS2005 unit testings.
    - Creating some stress tests using VS2005.
    - Some refactor/changes for performance.
    - Some refactor/changes for taking advantage of new NET 2.0 features.

  • I think its a good project and you have done good work. I'd love to see it continued.

  • Hi Andru, wud like to involve in the project and help this come out.

  • Yeah, I like to have it continued... but the first thing to do is to repair the link to the download.

  • I would like to see SharpHSQL continued. We need a free embedded db written in pure C#.

    You can't get to the source code on gotdotnet. Is there any possiblity to add this project to or ?

  • Hi there,

    I'm interested in the project too and can devote some time to help if you need (fedmest -at - gmail -dot- com)

    Where can I get the latest version of it, and is source code available?

  • Hey I've been following this for a couple of years now and was
    always hoping to see a stable production release.
    So by all means please continue with this great project.
    I would be willing to spare some of my time for tasks.

  • It's very good project.

    Please continue doing it.

  • where is the offical website of SharpHSQL now?

  • this project is really good, its initial version is done by another c# coder and released at, if I remembered it right. but that version did not correctly handle disk-file-based persistence. your improved version at solved that problem and really works.

    yet, the speed is not satisfactory comparing to similar small db engines like sqlite( 2.0 provider at

    so, please keep improving it, make it the best .net light weight database engine.

  • If you move to generics and watch the namespaces used, it would be great to have this library in SilverLight for client side data processing.

    Curently we use XML and JSON to persist data, but SQL is much better.

  • I agree with Fallon. :)

  • I would love to see this project expand and continue to be worked on. Any help I can assist with?


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