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Well, well well....

It seems that i finally catch the blog fever!

Last month i was wondering about how much time i would resist the temptation. Well, i don't have to worry about that anymore... :)

This is an exciting time, and i probably say this every year since i started programming 20 years ago, but i have the feeling that something BIG is gonna happen...  it seems that some sort of "critical mass" is taking form by now and maybe we are witness of a revolution, the revolution of a connected world.

This revolution isn't going to be evident by tomorrow (maybe yes, at some degree) but all elements are out there already, and when i talk of an connected world i'm not talking about the Internet or some other network link of some kind. I'm talking about systems talking freely to each other, really understanding what's going on and interacting in ways that today is only possible in a very limited way.

Well, i think that SOA is one step forward in this direction, and it's generating a very big hype based on the perception of this fact by the IT community.

Of course that this is not a secret. For years the MS evangelists tried to convince us that a "Service Oriented Architecture" is the way to go, but at a higher cost in design, implementation and coding of the solution. The hot new here is not this concepts, but the support to use it in our everyday work.

The .NET Framework did all this possible. Things like ShadowFax, FABRIQ, or even the dreaded Indigo (for naming a few) are all indicators of a mature technology and community, and i'm extremely happy of seeing this (and being part of).

I'm currently live in Buenos Aires, Argentina and work as "Solution Architect" for EDS in a .NET technology project.

Ok, that's enough for my first post, you will be hearing from me soon.

I want to thank VGA for his assistance in getting this blog up, and send a special salute to cazzu (crazy, crazy man...) and Hernan de Lahitte.


Andrés G Vettori
Leader of the C# Community of the Microsoft Users Group Argentina

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