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  • Retina.NET News

    I have been working very hard in the next version of Retina.NET and made some important advances regarding lazy load. Retina.NET now supports automatic lazy load of child collections and entities.

  • Retina.NET Presentation

    The last friday i have made a presentation of Retina.NET in the Microsoft Argentina auditorium. It was a free event and i talked about ORM in general and later the Retina.NET capabilities and current status.

  • Retina.NET alpha4

    A few days ago i have uploaded the Retina.NET alpha4 into the GotDotNet workspace, including source code, binaries, documentation and a new DataStore for the embedded database engine SharpHSQL.

    This version includes the following:

    *- Several bug-fixes and other small changes in Retina.Core.
    *- Fixes in the lazy load of child collections.
    *- Fixes in the NullableTypes integration.
    *- Simplifying of the DataStore and EntityPersister code.
    *- Fixes in the Criteria object, it nows accepts only Entity fields and not DB Columns.

    *- More Unit Testing (using MbUnit).
    *- Fixes and small changes in ObjectContext for making more simple it's usage.