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SharpHSQL and PocketSharpHSQL version

I just published this new version of the embebded database for .NET and .NETCF.

If you don't know about what i'm talking about, SharpHSQL is a port of the very well known HSQL java database engine. The HSQL project is dead, but exist a project called HSQLDB that is his continuation.

The HSQLDB project includes several very interesting capabilities and features, and i'm planning to include them in SharpHSQL in time.

The project is open source and royalty free, and you are invited to stop by our Workspace at GotDotNet and download the code. Any comments are welcome, and we always appreciate a hand if you want to collaborate with the project.

Best regards,

Andrés G Vettori
Leader of the C# Community of the
Microsoft Users Group Argentina

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