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  • SharpHsql new version

    For the people that reads this and doesn't know what SharpHsql is, here comes the short explanation: it's a port to .NET (C#) of the well know embebdded Java database engine known as HSQLDB. This port includes an ADO.NET provider with full capabilities and Windows CE / PocketPC version.

  • Retina.NET News

    In the next few days I will be uploading the latest version of Retina.NET binaries and source.

    This version includes some major features and changes, and some of them are:

    *- Support for inheritance, in it's three known forms of persistence.
    *- Support for lazy load of related entities and collections.
    *- Support for Identity and RowId columns with values generated in the DB.

    With this new additions I think that Retina.NET can be declared "feature complete", and then entered now BETA status. This means that i will focus now in getting a bug free/reliable/scalable/fast version including the features we already have at this point.

    New features (and there are many of those) will be included in the new codebase for the next version of Retina.NET (version number not known yet).

    I'm playing with .NET 2.0 two since Beta1, but there are too many things in the air to begin to work seriously. The new Beta2 of the .NET Framework broke too many things, and i'm waiting for Beta2 versions of the libraries used by Retina.NET (such as NullableTypes, CastleProxy, Log4Net, etc).