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November 2005 - Posts

Redmond.... here I go!

Yesterday I was informed that I was selected to enter the "Top Gun Program", and would be travelling the next January 2006.

This program is part of the partnership between my current employer (EDS and Microsoft, and involves very heavy, hands-on training and other activities inside the Microsoft campus at Redmond (EDS is the only partner that currently has a full building dedicated to this partnership activities inside the MS campus).

Well, the whole program (if I graduate, of course) has a duration of three months, with a warrantied working time of 14 hours a day, so this program is nothing like sitting in a room to take some standard training.

I'm very happy to be selected (I'm the only one selected in my whole country) and of course very excited to get things going. I'm also want to thank to all the people that maked this possible and trusted in me.

I have some friends living in there that I haven't seen for a while, and not much time to plan a 3 months travel....   I better get started fast....


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