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  • Life as a TopGun

    Well, my Top Gun program participation is coming to an end... this is my last week in the program and then I get to go home. These three months here at the EDS Redmond Innovation Centre has been a blast, quite a unique experience I must say... As you can see (by the lack of posts here) it has been a extremely busy journey, but most rewarding. I have learned some very useful stuff, meet with very interesting people and do some very fun design & coding and some cool new technology and products. Now is the time to think about what I will be doing when back home, and in wich ways being a Top Gun will change my everyday work and career. I have a lot in my mind, things to do... articles to write... presentations to give...
    Damm! this is going to be a very busy year!!!!

    Best Regards,

    Andrés G Vettori
    Leader of the C# Community of the Microsoft Users Group Argentina