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  • One year!!! whoa... time really flies....

    I can't believe my last post was a year ago....

    I definitely need to keep this blog a "little" more updated than that. Having said that, this last year have been an incredibly exciting year full of challenges, rewards and sucess (something a little scarce this days).

    I know that the general situation is not the better for many companies, professionals & persons, but our project is related to helping people in this dark hours so we all are very proud of what we have accomplished so far, and the horizon is quite promissing.

    I have learn a couple things during this period, build a couple cool stuff, assembled a pretty amazing crew and contributed to the general sucess so I'm extremely happy.

    I'm looking forward to share some of the knowledge and insight gained during this period and keep contributing to the software architects & developers community in more traditional ways (for me).

    Keep in touch,

    Andrés G Vettori, CTO, VMBC