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December 2009 - Posts

Cool VS2010 free extensions

Here I'm posting a short list of cool extensions I found for VS2010, all are published in the Visual Studio Gallery

Reactive Extensions for VS2010 Tangible T4 Editor (Template editor for VS2010) Power Commands for VS2010 Atomlineer Comment Generation for VS2010 Goto Definition Extension for VS2010 Resource Refactoring for VS2010 TFS PowerTools for VS2010



 Andres G Vettori, VMBC, CTO

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Very good post about solving Sharepoint problems with TFS 2010

 The Visual Studio WIT tools team has published a very nice post pointing the most common issues with Sharepoint and TFS 2010.

Check it out at


Andres G Vettori, VMBC, CTO 



IDFX -> Zermatt -> Geneva -> WIF RTM

At the PDC 09 Microsoft announced the Release to Manufacturing (RTM) of the Windows Identity Foundation, previously known as "Geneva", "Zermatt" before that, and "IDFX" before that.

Grab the latest bytes from

Best regards,

Andres G Vettori, VMBC, CTO

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