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Dynamic (runtime) Generation of a WCF Service contract
In my last post I talked about how to register dynamically (at runtime) a WCF instance without the need to have an existing .svc file or something in the configuration file (<serviceHostingEnvironment><serviceActivations>). In this post, we...
TFS 2010 and the missing Area & Iterations (stale data) Issue
The symptom is this: you change some area or iteration in a TFS Project, but the change is not reflected (or updated) in VS or any other TFS Client. Well, it happens that TFS now has some clever caching mechanisms that need to be updated when you make...
Posted: Mar 30 2010, 01:32 PM by andresv | with no comments
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Very good post about solving Sharepoint problems with TFS 2010
The Visual Studio WIT tools team has published a very nice post pointing the most common issues with Sharepoint and TFS 2010. Check it out at
VM Prep Tool for Visual Studio Team Lab Management 2010
Microsoft has released the first version of the Virtual Machine Preparation Tool for Visual Studio Team Lab management 2010. What a mouthfull! Try saying that three times in a row.. Well, the tool function is to prepare existing VMs to be compatible with...
Enabled new ALM features after migration of TFS2008 to TFS2010
The test migration of our TFS 2008 went extremely well (the import command processed nearly 7GB of data from our TFS 2008) in less than half hour, and all running in my notebook (not some kickass server...). Today I executed the script published by Hakan...
History of Visual Studio (by Rico Mariani)
Only a genuine GEEK can enjoy reading the history of Visual Studio, but it was really fun (to me)! Check it out at Enjoy! Andres G Vettori, VMBC, CTO
Posted: Oct 29 2009, 04:29 PM by andresv | with no comments
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