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LINQ to XML : My Version of LINQ Extension Method for IEnumerable to return Random Single Selection by REA_ANDREW

I was in the middle of making so nice templates in order to generate some test data.  I wanted to create Firstnames, Lastnames and Titles but also have them specialize by sex.  So I have methods including GetMaleFirstName , GetFemaleFirstName...
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.NET, Adobe Flash and Cross Domain Communication -How To AND How Not to LOL! by REA_ANDREW

  "Is SilverLight going to use Cross Domain Poilicies?"   I hope no one is thinking, "FLASH?!?! why not Silverlight!!"    If so I apologise lol, but a project I am working on, the client has clearly specified...

The recent version of a SQL Attack which you may have been victim of. by REA_ANDREW

I have ben reading a few blogs recently which have been issuing notices of the fact they have been attacked with a SQL Injection into their site.  A couple of sites I have been witnessing these attacks through Health Monitoring.  At first I...
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GridView Row Click Selection via ClientSide Code by REA_ANDREW

A nice effect and UI effect I like, is allowing a user to select a row of a grid view by clicking on the row itself, anywhere.  I.e. you are not restricted to simply a link or a button, but literally anywhere on the row.  This does however lead...
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