Community Server Free Express Edition Installation

Very recently i had installed Community Server Free Express edition  running on 2.0 and SQLServer 2005 in my unit for corporate blogging and knowledge management stuff and it's being used now for initial testing.

But the process of getting the community server working was not as easy as i expected it to be.

Not because the installation is complex, but because it has toooooo many bugs:(

And these bugs were not Sev 3 or Sev 4 bugs, they were infact Sev 1:S

The first bug i encountered shocked me! They had mapped a wrong database to the application, and the applciation was showing an error in a SP parameter that never existed:S I wonder how they can do such a silly mistakes and release the product. I would really like to meet their testing team.

Similarly there were many more issues, it took more than 10 days for me get the confidence that i can release this for use.

Thanks to discussion forums on Community Server that helped in solving most of my problems.

And even after the installation i find so many basic features missing in the express edition.

One of them is that i cannot delete a user once i create it:D.
Without knowing this i created so many test users and now i have to delete them by writing a stored proc directly on the database:D

The only reason for me to choose community server against wordpress was that it runs on and SQLServer which i and many developers in my unit can understand better, and if needed we can make any changes to it's behaviour by using the SDK.
But this did drive me crazy!

But what's strange is popular sites like and run on this very well.
The only difference is that i am using a free express edition and they would be using a fullfledged licensed version:D

Is it that because this is a freeware they are not caring to resolve these bugs;)



  • I think the issue involves the fact the telligent is paid to support these sites to some degree. How do you and I know that they haven't solved these problems, but not put the solution back into the CS code base? I don't think it has as much to do with the version being free as it does with the version of the product. CS 1.x had no documentation. This version has something. In situations like this, its a gradual improvement as oppossed to everything being automagically fixed. :-)

  • I completey agree with you that things can change gradually only and every feature cannot be available immedaitely.

    But i think there are certain minimum things that one must check before you make the release itself. And I think this has not been done properly here

  • well, I am one of the frustated users of CS express. Infacct i found "express" part of it is very funny , though it was copied from some great products like "SQL Server Express".

    if you wanna give me a software for free, give it to me if it works. But never give me a torn tee shirt.

  • That's weird. I installed Community Server express 2.0 last week on Sql2000 + Win2k3 and it took me only 4 minutes without any problems.

  • Thank God atleast with SQL 2000 it's stable and working well.

    I am working with SQL2005 and .NET 2.0

    If you are going to try this better go thru all the discussion on the installation bugs in the discussion forums first, else you will go mad.

  • Anjana,

    I'm sorry you had a poor experience installing Community Server.

    We are always looking to improve our installation process and the product as a whole so we value the feedback. Thank you for taking the time to post on the forums and to post here so we can review the issues you've encountered and correct them in future releases.



  • Thanks Alex,

    That's nice to hear:)

  • Anjana, this is historic. Your post is the first I am commenting on as Telligent's Community Server Evangelist. (It's my first day on the job!)

    As Alex said earlier, we're sorry about your bad experience installing Community Server, but we REALLY value you blogging about it. The technical details you provided are particularly helpful in assisting us focus in on areas for improvement.

    The SQL table mapping issue, for instance, is weird, and the first I've heard of it, and I've been using CS from the beginning. I'll be looking for other appearances of that problem on the forums and elsewhere now thanks to your post. I will also look into the user deletion issue you described.

    I hope you decide to continue using Community Server and continue blogging about it--hopefully writing more good posts and critical ones. :-) Either way, thanks again for helping us improve Community Server.

    Sudhakar, I was hoping to read more about your bad experience with Community Server. I thought it would be under your "It sucks!" category, but I didn't find anything. :-)

    Oh, one more point, Anjana. The Express Version is the exact same CS code base as the code running and It just doesn't have some of the add-ons. I'm using the free version at my site, in fact.


  • :-) Thanks dave, but there is a reason why I did not blogged about my frustration with CS in my "It sucks" category. I blog about things which i cannot have control and make it work in that category and I dont think CS comes in to that category at all :-).

  • Hi Daniel,

    Happy that your installation went smooth.

    It's good that your hosting service provider provided with you an auto installer and thereby avoid the pains of the default MSI that comes with it.

    Probably they are doing the required work or changes at the background.


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