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reBlog is meant for people who by themselves do not blog or write original content but would
like to collect information from different blogs and re-blog it.

In brief, reBlogging is a blog with a filtered content.
A re-blog tools have been created by combining two open source technologies i.e
a blog creation tool called 'Movable Type' and a PHP based server side aggregation tool called
'Feedon Feeds'


Example of reBlog

Posted by AnjanaRam | 1 comment(s)

Google is going to give us 1GB space. That sounds really really gr8.

But at the same time it's going to use our mails for advt. That makes me feel a bit uncomfortable!!

It seems they have programmed to find the topics being discussed in the e-mails and then deliver text-based ads related to the subjects.



Posted by AnjanaRam | 5 comment(s)
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